List of Island of Greece


    List of Island of Greece is known for its honey. It is home to a small monastery where the locals collect the honey for sweets. If you're curious, you can also sample bee water. List of Island of Greece has been inhabited since prehistoric times. You can explore the beautiful natural landscapes and relax with a picnic. The mild climate also makes the place a perfect destination for a romantic getaway.

    Amorgos is a Nizou

    One of the most famous monuments on Amorgos is its beautiful monastery, which is the finest monastic site in Greece. Situated 300 meters above the sea, the monastery was built around 1017 and reconstructed in 1088 by the Byzantine Emperor Alexis Komninos. Despite its primitive construction, it has managed to withstand the test of time and is a tourist destination. Amorgos is a perfect place to spend the Saints Day festival and locals are more than willing to serve food and drink to you.

    It has a volcano

    The 25th Island of Greece has a volcano. The volcano on Nisyros Island is one of the youngest large volcanic centers in Greece and is only 160,000 years old. In 1872 it had a major eruption, resulting in a crater about 6 to 7 meters in diameter. However, it is now dormant. A nearby volcano, Mount Kallidromo, is a more active, and is about 700 meters in diameter.

    It has a beach

    If you are looking for a getaway destination, consider the 25th Island of Greece. This flat island juts into the eastern end of the Ionian Sea. It only has a small rise, but the island is famous for its Blue Lagoon, the most popular Nizou in Greece. The blue lagoon combines freshwater and saltwater and is a popular tourist destination. The island is also surrounded by gorgeous coastal scenery, with plenty of hiking trails.

    It has a palace

    If you're a lover of nature and have never visited the country's most remote islands, you're in for a treat. The open sky and relaxing beaches of this secluded Greek island will enchant you. There are several fun activities and exotic destinations to visit on this island. While there are a few islands that you shouldn't miss, the Amorgos islands are a must-see, and you can even enjoy their local cuisine!

    It has a Thalassotherapy Spa

    The ancient healing art of saline bathing has been around for centuries. It involves the systematic use of seawater and various elements of the ocean, including seaweed, marine mud, and algae. The benefits of thalassotherapy are well known. Today, it is becoming more popular than ever. The healing properties of seawater are one of the main reasons why this ancient treatment is still used today.

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